Anticipating Audience Objections

Guess what objections your audience will have to your argument. State those objections and explain why they are not valid objections (while maintaining respect for your audience’s point of view).

Your goal: Convince your dad to let you borrow the car.
To anticipate his objection: “I know gas is expensive and you would like me to pay for my own.”
To counter his objection: “I have $10 to put gas in the car. I am driving twenty miles, and the car is rated at 20 miles per gallon.  Gas is $2.43 per gallon. I will put in two gallons to be sure.”

Let’s say I wanted to propose that our school have shuttle buses in our parking to take people from their cars to the school door. List three objections the audience might have and list one way you might effectively answer each objection.

What are the ways you can figure out what your audience’s objections might be?