Business Report

A business report:

  • explains the results of an in-depth investigation of an issue important to the company.
  • should be as simple, direct, and clear as possible
  • contains charts, tables, and lists,
  • informs colleagues about a specific issue in depth.

Business reports vary widely. Some are over one hundred pages long and are professionally bound like books. Short business reports are often submitted in memo form. (A memo or “memorandum” is used to communicate within a company; letters are used between companies or individuals.) You will be doing a short business report similar to the example.

Research buying something for your current employer and submit your findings using the format in the example. If you’re not currently working, imagine buying something for a business that you might consider starting. Your mission is to fully investigate this potential purchase so that your supervisor is completely confident in your recommendation.

Choose to investigate something that’s small such as work gloves. Investigating which truck you should buy requires you to investigate too many variables.

The report should be from you to the instructor. You may make up the “background” section but the “findings” must be actual researched information.

You may use the format below or any of the MS Word Memo Templates, but you must include a “Background,” a “Findings,” and a “Recommendation” section in the body of the report.

The finished report should include a comparison of a minimum of three items each priced from a minimum of three vendors. Compare the quality of each item using at least three criteria (e.g. comfort, warranty, durability).

Clearly explain, in the report, where you got your information. (Cite your sources.)

Your “persuasiveness” grade will depend on whether or not the instructor thinks you’ve included all the relevant information he or she would need to make a decision if he or she were your supervisor.

Grading criteria:
Sentence flow

Grade scale:
6 – excellent
5 – acceptable
4 – needs improvement
3 – missed concept
0 – no attempt