Email presents some strange new problems. Most people see emails as extremely informal and therefore don’t pay much attention to background/context, sentence flow, or tone. Admittedly, if you’re emailing your best friend, his or her perception of you will not be changed much by your tone or sentence flow (grammar, punctuation, and clarity/ readability of your sentences). Others, however, may change their view of you based on email. I would suggest making a conscious and diligent effort to follow these basic rules:

  1. Use correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
  2. Make sure your sentences read smoothly and easily; make them direct and concise.
  3. Keep emails short.
  4. Start with “Hello ______,” so that positive tone starts the message.
  5. Keep emails very positive and upbeat. Use the strategy you learned in the “Bad News Letter” assignment; in other words, even though you are not delivering bad news, start and end your email with a sincere compliment. (Remember the compliment must be sincere.)
  6. When addressing complex issues, use the phone or meet in person.
  7. When delivering an emotional message, use the phone or meet in person.
  8. Make sure your subject line summarizes the content of the email, like the headline of a newspaper story.
  9. Address only one topic per email. In other words, if you need to communicate with your work group about marketing and about work schedule, use two separate emails.

Read the tips/articles at the following links and incorporate the strategies they suggest into your rewrite in the assignment below:
Tips from
Tips from US News


Take a look at this example


Subject:  u got to save my fuyure

hello doctor ,how u doin  hey doc. i check my grade today and i realise i gave  a “C” intead of a “b”remember when i came to see u in about my grade u saidam good for a “b” but to my sadness u gave  me a”C”please doctor u got to help me out cause without me passin ur class  my educational carrer will come to a stop and i know u don’t want that for nor any of your student please u got to help me ,please for love of God u got to to me save my career


Subject: Hoping for Help with my Grade

Hello Dr. Stevenson,

I hope you are enjoying the nice weather lately.

I took Microbiology 101 with you last semester (fall 2016) at 1 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I just checked my grades, and I see that I received a C in your class. When we spoke, I thought that I had earned a B.  (If I’m mistaken or confused, please accept my apology.) In order to continue in my program, I need to earn at least a B; so I was hoping that there might be something I could do to improve the grade.  Please let me know.

I value what I learned in your course, especially the section on antimicrobial resistance.

Thanks for your time and attention.


Ashwan Karbutic

Fix this poorly written email.  (Makeup any unknown information):

I cant find the assingmentI realy tried hard but it wans’t nowhere im getiing relly stressed out and need to=get going on it help me please

Grading Criteria:

  • Sentence Flow
  • Context/Background
  • Tone
  • Subject Line