Example essay

Type a short essay about something that is an ongoing problem where you work (or worked or would like to work). It should be between one and two pages long.    Make sure it’s double spaced, has one-inch margins, and uses 12-point font.

Make sure that each supporting point is one example of the problem.

The essay will consists of five paragraphs, an introduction, a body (containing three paragraphs), and a conclusion.

Write an outline before beginning the essay.

For example:
Thesis/Thesis – Distracted driving is a big problem.
Supporting Point 1 – People shouldn’t text while driving.
Supporting Point 2 – People shouldn’t talk on their phones while driving.
Supporting Point 3 – People shouldn’t eat while driving.

Notice that:

  1. The thesis and supporting points are all full sentences.
  2. The thesis and supporting points are all single ideas (no “and” or “as well as.”)
  3. Both supporting points logically support the thesis. In other words, you could join each supporting point to the thesis with the word “because.”
  4. The supporting points do not overlap.

Write the body first, then the introduction and conclusion.

When you’re finished, reread the example and your essay–make sure your essay has all the right parts in the right order. Then turn it in to Blackboard as an attached MS Word file.

Use this Essay “self-check” sheet to help you earn more points.

Grading criteria:
6 points – Unity (Everything sticks to the thesis.)
6 points – Coherence (All the right parts are in all the right places.)
6 points – Support (Each body paragraph contains adequate specific detail.)
12 points – Sentence Flow (The vast majority of the sentences are clear, concise, and correct.)
30 points – TOTAL

Grade scale:
6 – excellent
5 – acceptable
4 – needs improvement
3 – missed concept
0 – no attempt