Finishing the research paper

Finishing the research paper (introduction, conclusion, transitions, and proofreading)

  1. Write an introduction and conclusion exactly as you did for the essays you wrote earlier in the course. Review that lesson now.
  2. Place your body paragraphs in a logical order.
  3. Insert a transition to lead into each supporting point. Again this is exactly the same as the process you used to insert transitions into your essays. Review that lesson now.
  4. Layout the paper according to APA guidelines. APA papers need a cover page and a “Running head.” Watch my video on how to do this. Check out Purdue OWL for more help.
  5. Proofread your paper. Have a friend proofread it also. Read it slowly out loud and correct any errors. Rewrite any sentences that are difficult to understand.
  6. Submit it via Blackboard

Congratulations! You did it!