Week 1 Syllabus
Week 1 Syllabus Test
Week 1 Communicating the Basics
Week 1 Making Your Point
Week 1 Classmate Introduction (points)
Week 1 Campfire Story (points)
Week 2 Simple Research
Week 2 Make a Point Assignment (points)
Week 2 Introductions and Conclusions
Week 2 Transitions
Week 2 The General Format of a Basic Speech or Essay
Week 2 The Basics Of A Good Speech
Week 2 Combating Nervousness
Week 2 Delivery
Week 2 Visual Aids
Week 3 Plan for Informative Speech (points)
Weeks 4 & 5 Informative Speech(points) (Video Requirements)
(Example of an acceptably done video)
Week 6 Ethos, Pathos, and Logos
Week 6 Respect for Audience
Week 6 Anecdote, Correlation, and Causation
Anecdotes, Correlation and Causation–Basic Explanation
Ted talk on correlation v causation–SHORT VIDEO
Freakonomics authors on correlation v causation–SHORT VIDEO
Freakonomics authors on correlation v causation–SHORT VIDEO 2
John Norland on correlation v causation–SHORT VIDEO
Anecdotes, Correlation and Causation–Exercise One
Anecdotes, Correlation and Causation–Exercise Two
Anecdotes, Correlation and Causation–Exercise Three
Bias, empiricism, and the hierarchy of evidence
Funny Correlations (where one variable obviously isn’t causing the other)
Other elegant explanations and examples.
Week 7 Objections to Reason
Week 7 Denotative and Connotative Meaning
Week 7 Anticipating Audience Objections
Week 7 Adapting to an Audience
Week 7 Narrowing a Goal to Something Achievable
Week 8 Oral Presentation Example Analysis
Week 9 Persuasive Speech Plan Outline (points)
Week 9 Persuasive Speech Plan Slides (points)
Weeks 10 & 11 Persuasive Speech (points) (Video Requirements)
Week 12 Epideictic Speaking
Week 13 Epideictic Speaking
Week 14 Epideictic Speaking
Week 15 Study Guide for Public Speaking Exam.
Week 16 Public Speaking Exam

Non-comprehensive list of acceptable sources