Persuasive Speech


Deliver a five-minute oral presentation based on the outline and PowerPoint slides you’ve developed in the preceding assignments. For this oral presentation, you may not use any notes other than the PowerPoint slides. The topic of your speech must be different than the topic you used for your previous speeches. The speech can be about anything as long as it’s generally G or PG rated and civil. All the rules and guidelines for the Informative Speech  apply.

Oral Presentation Grading Criteria

_____/6          Intro

  • attention getter
  • preview points
  • state thesis

_____/6          Organization clear

  • audience can repeat points almost verbatim
  • points are simply and similarly worded
  • points all directly, logically, and obviously support thesis
  • points are separate—do not overlap
  • clear transitions between each point in the body

_____/6         PowerPoint Slides

  • readable
  • 16 or fewer words per slide
  • free of spelling and grammar errors
  • point at top of each evidence slide
  • source at bottom of each evidence slide
  • overall, slides increased effectiveness of presentation

____/6           Evidence

  • a story/example is used in conjunction with a statistic or expert testimony to help prove each point
  • the source is cited in a way that helps persuade the audience
  • the evidence convinces the instructor that the point is true

_____/6          Delivery

  • Spoke conversationally
  • Seemed confident with the material
  • Good visual aids
  • No distracting habits

_____/6          Conclusion

  • state thesis
  • preview points
  • end with a sense of finality

_____/6           Ethos

  • seemed prepared and confident
  • explained his or her background pertaining to the subject

_____/6           Pathos

  • successfully used emotion to convince instructor of a point

_____/6           Anticipated Objections

  • anticipated most obvious audience objections
  • effectively answered audience objections

_____/6           Audience

  • showed basic respect
  • changed speech to fit unique characteristics of audience

Grading scale:
6 = excellent
5 = acceptable
4 = needs work
3 = missed point
0 = no attempt