Practice Research Paper

Practice Research Paper Directions:

  1. Organize this evidence into three groups.(Click the word evidence here to view the evidence that you will use in this paper.)  Your goal is to use each of the three groups to prove a single point to the reader.  This practice research paper will be about seat belts.  You might want to print the evidence out and sort the evidence into groups. (Print one sided and cut the evidence into separate strips of paper.)
  2. Assign each group a point. Remember that a point is a full sentence that makes sense in the blank, “I will show that ___________.”
  3. Come up with a single thesis that unifies the three points. (In other words, come up with a thesis that is supported/proven by the three points.)
  4. Carefully read the instructions on how to write a research-paper body paragraph here.  Pay special attention to the example about steroid use in baseball.
  5. Write a paragraph for each group (of seat-belt evidence that you created) that starts with the point and paraphrases or quotes each piece of evidence. In each of the three body paragraphs, quote one source and paraphrase the information from the other three. Make sure you include an explanation of how each bit of evidence supports the point and relates to the other evidence in the paragraph. (Review how to do this here.) Use all twelve sources in your paper. BUT, use only the parts of the evidence that support your point. The evidence blurb (excerpt) that I gave you might have 450 words, and you might use only four to twenty words to quote or summarize it in your paper.
  6. Within the evidence provided, at the end of each quote, you will see something like: (“Could a seat belt have saved Diana,” 1997).  This is called the “in-text citation.” Copy/paste this at the end of each sentence that includes information (quoted OR paraphrased) that you got from the source. Take a look at the example again to see how to do it.
  7. Write an introduction and conclusion. (Exactly as you did for your essays.)
  8. Insert transitions between points.
  9. Format the paper using APA style.  Follow the instructions here.
  10. Create a references page. At the end of the evidence, you will see the word “references” followed by the list of the references you used in the paper. Copy and paste this at the end of your paper and format it as instructed here.
  11. Proofread and edit.
  12. Submit the final draft to Blackboard.