The Basics Of A Good Speech

Have something worthwhile to say

  • is this worthy of the audience’s time?
  • is it relevant, interesting, new information?

Have a clear goal

  • what do you want to accomplish with this presentation–how do you hope your audience thinks or behaves differently after your presentation?

Adapt to your audience

  • what do you know about them?
  • how can you be more effective based on what you know about them?

Make clear points

  • the point should fit into the following blank: I will show that ____________
  • repeat them several times
  • write them on a chalkboard, PowerPoint, or flip chart

Support your points with evidence

  • use stories, examples, statistics, added details, your personal experience, the testimony of an expert, etc.

Speak conversationally

  • never read or try to memorize
  • outline the points you plan to make and the evidence you will use
  • practice several times to family members or friends
  • speak to your audience not at them