Videoing a Speech

To submit a videoed speech, upload it to YouTube and submit the link to the assignment in Blackboard within one week. Make the link public so that I can see it.

Watch this example of an acceptable video.

Follow these guidelines carefully:

  1. You need a minimum of three conscious, adult audience members. Show them on the video at the beginning and end.
  2. Make sure the sound and picture are very clear. No lights or sunlight behind you. Get the camera and microphone as close to you as possible.
  3. Make sure you wait a couple of seconds to speak after you press record. Many students cut off the beginning of their speeches and lose points.
  4. If a visual aid is required, make sure that it can easily be seen and read. Don’t cut back and forth; make sure your visual aid and your face can be seen at the same time. If the viewer can’t read the visual aid and see your face at the same time, the lettering on your visual aid is too small.
  5. No editing.  You may not stop and start the recording—leave the mistakes in.
  6. Eliminate distractions in the background of the video. Turn off televisions etc. Restrain pets and children.
  7. Watch the video before you send it in.  Make sure it conforms to these guidelines.

If you don’t know how to record video and upload to YouTube, do not ask me for help. You can hire Videogenics at 20 S Main St # 30, Janesville, WI 53545 (608) 754-8411 to record and/or transfer your speech to the required format for a fee.