Written Communication

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To pass the course, you must:

  1. complete all of the assignments in order, regardless of whether they are worth points or not.
  2. earn a passing grade on each criterion of the Essay Test.
  3. earn a passing grade on each criterion of the Research Paper.
  4. earn a passing percentage of the course points.

Week 1
Diagnostic Essay (points)
Syllabus Part One
Syllabus Part Two
Syllabus test (points)
Sentence Flow
Active Voice
Week 2
The Traditional Essay (p 6 – 11)
Brainstorming (p 23 – 31)
Audience (p 176)
Basic Outlining (p 416 – 420)
Support (p 60 – 66)
Transitions (p 87 – 94)
Introductions and Conclusions (p 94 – 97)
Eliminating Second Person (You)
Practice Essay
Week 3
Example Essay (points) (Chapter 10)
Week 4
Arguing Essay (points) (Chapter 16)
Week 5
Essay Test (points) (Chapter 17)
Essay Test (Makeup)
Week 6
Anecdotes, Correlation and Causation–Basic Explanation
Ted talk on correlation v causation–SHORT VIDEO
Freakonomics authors on correlation v causation–SHORT VIDEO
Freakonomics authors on correlation v causation–SHORT VIDEO 2
John Norland on correlation v causation–SHORT VIDEO
Anecdotes, Correlation and Causation–Exercise One
Anecdotes, Correlation and Causation–Exercise Two
Anecdotes, Correlation and Causation–Exercise Three
Bias, empiricism, and the hierarchy of evidence
Funny Correlations (where one variable obviously isn’t causing the other)
Other elegant explanations and examples.
Critical Thinking Test (available in class only) (points)
Week 7
Practice research paper (points)
evidence for practice research paper
APA Layout Video
How to layout References page in APA Video
Writing a research-paper body paragraph (points)
How to build a research paper (preview) (Chapter 22)
Week 7
Research paper assignment (points) (Due in several weeks.) (Chapter 22)
References page (Chapter 22)
     Sample APA References page
     How to layout References page in APA Video
     Purdue OWL
Plagiarism (page 419)
Quotations (Chapter 38)
Assessing the quality of a source (Chapter 22)
Week 8
What types of information are you looking for? (Chapter 22)
Gathering evidence through library/computer research (Chapter 22)
     Limiting Google Searches to Specific Sources Video
     Using Google to Search *.gov sites Video
     Using SIRS through the BTC Library Video
     Using EBSCO Host through the BTC Library Video
Week 9
Outline of Research Paper  (points) (Chapter 22)
Week 10
Finishing the research paper (introduction, conclusion, transitions, etc.) (Ch 22)
Week 11
Peer Edit Research Paper
Final Draft Research Paper due (assignment above)
Week 12
Tone in Business Documents
Context and Background in Business Documents
Direct Letter (points)
Week 13
Bad News (Indirect) Letter (points)
Business Report (points)
Week 14
Email (points)
Understanding the Employer’s Perspective
Week 15
Cover Letter (points) (Chapter 20)
Resume (points) (Chapter 20)
Week 16
References (points)

The schedule above is approximate and subject to change.

Basic Grammar, Writing, and Punctuation Practice
Parts of Speech
Fragments and Run-ons
Plurals and Possessives
Parallel Construction
Colons and Semi-colons

End Punctuation and Quotation Marks
Subject/Verb Agreement
Shifts in Tense and Number
Choosing the Correct Pronoun
Commonly Confused Words
Misplaced Modifiers
Irregular Verbs
Parentheses, Ellipses, Dashes and Hyphens

Non-comprehensive list of acceptable sources
Purdue OWL
Sample APA References page